‘We Don’t Even Discriminate Against Men!’ Says the Greatest Human Rights Movement EVER.

These babies’ obsession with Anita Sarkeesian demonstrates more than any article could that they are very, very deeply threatened by the thoughts and words of a confident feminist woman.


Paul Elam is doing his seasonal ‘damseling’ for 20 or so thousand dollars. Let me explain the concept of ‘damseling.’ I think most of you who read this blog remember how MRA’s and other male gamers targeted Anita Sarkeesian and sent her rape and death threats. A Voice For Men added their hatred into it as well by writing several nasty articles about her and doing radio shows about her. In fact, MRA’s still whine about her, saying the death/rape threats were her own fault. The following comments by an MRA were left on an article totally unrelated to Anita Sarkeesian. In fact he left these comments on the Queen’s Journal story about the recent assault of a female student who opposed a ‘Men’s Rights’ group on campus. CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE

mra angry at anita sarkeesian

mra angry at anita sarkeesian3mra angry at anita sarkeesian2mra angry at anita sarkeesian2

MRA’s will never leave Anita alone and that includes Paul Elam. Paul Elam claimed Anita was ‘damseling’…

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Author: balarick

I'm a bachelor of functional/theoretical linguistics, feminist/humanist, atheist, amateur musician, once-published author, sci-fi/fantasy-geek, and dabbler in philosophy, sociology, psychology, as well as history, anthropology, science, and archaeology of the unorthodox and orthodox varieties. My interest in archaeoastronomy and its implications is quite high.

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