Men’s Rights Redditor: Let’s convince the world that we aren’t violent by sending feminists bloody feathers

Somehow, this does not surprise me.

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Hat of choice for the discerning Men's Rights Activist Hat of choice for the discerning Men’s Rights Activist

Men’s Rights Activists have become known, not without reason, as belligerent assholes whose main forms of “activism” consist of harassment and threats.

One bold Men’s Rights Redditor known as El Rellok thinks he’s come up with a way to counteract this perception and deliver a powerful men’s-rightsty message at the same time.

He wants MRAs to send feminists … pictures of bloody feathers. No, really.

Now, to most people, getting a bloody feather in your email inbox would seem to be the digital equivalent of having a bloody horse’s head left in your bed. But in El Rellok’s world it is a rational and reasonable way to express “outrage” at feminist evil, and anyone who might possibly think otherwise is by definition unreasonable.

Let’s let him explain, because I certainly can’t explain how sending pictures of bloody feathers to…

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Leave it to The True Pooka to articulate eloquently and thoroughly the thoughts any rational person would have about the words and deeds of that trog known as Paul Elam.


Courtney Caldwell has joined the ranks of the skepchicks!

By way of support I’m linking all to her first blog post here along with my response to a person in her comment section where the discussion on recent anti-PUA  (a spin-off of the MRM) supporter “Alpha Male” Elliot Rodgers has gotten rather heated. For those not in the know, Elliot Rodgers is a self proclaimed “nice guy” who did a video where he wistfully asks women why they can’t see he’s a nice guy… right before he goes out on a killing spree to kill women as retribution for refusing to have sex with him (I kid you not). Tenny said; Image   Tenny, Paul Elam said;

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Paul Elam of A Voice for Men: In His Own Words

This “man” is about the most vile excuse of “human” tissue I’ve ever come across on the interwebz. I can’t even listen to him speak for more than five minutes without feeling my IQ drop along with my stomach.

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Paul Elam on 20/20 Paul Elam in a web-only clip from the 20/20 segment that never ran on television.

Paul Elam, the founder and primary animating force behind the website A Voice for Men, is probably, for better or worse, the most influential figure in the Men’s Rights movement (or, as he prefers to call it, the Men’s Human Rights Movement).

Elam is also a fierce misogynist with a penchant for angry, violent rhetoric full of only-slightly veiled threats. But don’t take my word for it. Perhaps the best way to get to know Mr. Elam is through his own words.

So here are some of Elam’s thoughts on a variety of issues, taken from postings on his own website.  I have linked each quote back to its source on A Voice for Men.

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‘We Don’t Even Discriminate Against Men!’ Says the Greatest Human Rights Movement EVER.

These babies’ obsession with Anita Sarkeesian demonstrates more than any article could that they are very, very deeply threatened by the thoughts and words of a confident feminist woman.


Paul Elam is doing his seasonal ‘damseling’ for 20 or so thousand dollars. Let me explain the concept of ‘damseling.’ I think most of you who read this blog remember how MRA’s and other male gamers targeted Anita Sarkeesian and sent her rape and death threats. A Voice For Men added their hatred into it as well by writing several nasty articles about her and doing radio shows about her. In fact, MRA’s still whine about her, saying the death/rape threats were her own fault. The following comments by an MRA were left on an article totally unrelated to Anita Sarkeesian. In fact he left these comments on the Queen’s Journal story about the recent assault of a female student who opposed a ‘Men’s Rights’ group on campus. CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE

mra angry at anita sarkeesian

mra angry at anita sarkeesian3mra angry at anita sarkeesian2mra angry at anita sarkeesian2

MRA’s will never leave Anita alone and that includes Paul Elam. Paul Elam claimed Anita was ‘damseling’…

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Canadian feminist activist receives death threats and other abuse after being targeted by Men’s Rights Activists

There is just no analogue to this in the feminist movement. None. MRAs will consistently state that they need to be this awful, this cruel, this inhuman as a response to the “cruelty” and “inhumanity” of feminism, but this simply has no correlate in feminism.

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And so the MRAs have found yet another woman to hate.

Earlier this month, as many of you no doubt know, a Men’s Rights group sponsored a lecture at the University of Toronto. The event drew protesters, and the protesters drew MRAs with video cameras. One of the MRAs filmed a confrontation between a red-haired feminist activist and a number of MRAs who continually interrupted her as she tried to read a brief statement.

Her crime? She wasn’t exactly polite in responding to the interrupters. And so, after video of the confrontation was uploaded to YouTube, and linked to on the Men’s Rights subreddit and elsewhere, she became a virtual punching bag for the angry misogynists of the internet.

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